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Day 6-7: Exploring Hoi An and Shopping For Leather Goods

January 7, 2019


Hoi An is located in Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old town, located in the city’s historic district, has been well preserved and is famous for its port trading, as well as their ceramics and leather goods. The town is small enough to get around by bike, so you will see a lot of hostels and hotels offering them for rent. If the weather's nice, this is a great way to see the town, as well as a nice bike to the beach if you want to enjoy a scenic ride. The buildings are vibrant colors giving a personality to the town, while the streets are lined up with countless grocery stalls. 



During the night time, the night markets come alive where you can find everything from light up lanterns to some delicious street food. You can grab a beer or two by the riverside at one of the couple bars that line them. Hoi An is a bright, colorful town and is a stop everyone should make during their time in Vietnam.


Activities in Hoi An


There is much to see in Hoi An and is really up to you as to how fast or slow paced you want to take your experience. You can stop by one of the several cultural and art museums to see located in the city center, visit the Thanh Pottery village located  outside the city where you can make your own clay ornaments or whistles, take a 30 minute bike ride out to An Bang Beach for a relaxing sun bath, or go shopping around the town. 


Renting a Bike: For as little as a dollar per day, you can rent a decent bike (no gears) and ride around the town of Hoi An. For an adventure outside the city, you can ride it to An Bang Beach, which is easy to get to by single lane roads. During your ride you can pull off onto some of the local side streets and go also go through marshes to see how the Vietnamese live. Make sure to have some cash on hand as it costs 5000 VND ($0.30 USD) to lock up your bike while you stroll down the beach. We highly recommended that you do this experience, it won’t disappoint!


Food in Hoi An


There are plenty of options when it comes to dining in Hoi An and provide a suburb style of Asian, Western, and fusion style restaurants and dishes. Along with this, you can find true gems within the food stall lines for local cuisines. If you're looking to try out these local dishes, the Cao Lau Noodles is a must and is the most famous street food in the area. The Com ga (chicken rice) and Bahn Xeo (rice flower pancakes) are also traditional style dishes that wont disappoint (and of course, don't forget to try a Bahn Mi sandwich from the shop that Anthony Bourdain visited ). 


For restaurants, cheap eats can be found at the restaurant stalls where you will find some of the most delicious Bahn Xeo and Cao Lau Noodles. For a fixed menu experience like no other, eating at the Ba Le Well Restaurant is a must. Given an entire spread of food you will create your own meat wraps using rice paper and herbs, while dunking it in their delicious house sauce. 



For more options, check out the link here!


Accommodations in Hoi An


Hostels and hotels are a plenty when it comes to Hoi An. The only question is whether or not you want to stay closer to the town center or if you want to stay on the coast. If you decide the city center, we suggest backpackers check out Tribee Cham Hostel located right off the main street in Hoi An. It is an amazing hostel that offers a great staff that is very helpful and friendly, rooms that are comfortable and had AC. On the roof there is a small kitchen where breakfast was served by the hostel and spring rolls are made for dinner. Furthermore, they can help arrange for renting a motorbike to travel across the Hai Van pass. Dorms start at around $13 a night. Other places to check out are Halo Homestay (for more of a BnB feel) and Vietnam Backpacker Hostel if you're looking for something a bit on the wilder side. As a note, most hotels and hostels will arrange your scooter rental and bag transportion for the Hai Van Pass so be sure to ask at the front desk.


If you would like to stay on the beach and in a more resort setting, expect to spend a little more money for your accommodation. Check out the map below for hotel location ideas and be sure to book using Booking.com.



Thank you for reading our post on Hoi An, continue reading to learn more about your day trip scootering across one of the most beautiful drives in the world: The Hai Van Pass.

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