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Glamping at BaseCamp37 in Kanab, UT

October 30, 2018

Turning off of Highway 89 you will begin your drive down a bumpy dirt road known as Eight Mild Gap. With miles of farm land in all directions, you would almost think the GPS was taking you to the wrong place. You might miss it if you blink, but a sign that reads "BaseCamp37" with an arrow pointing towards a gravel road leads you to a gorgeous main house with 5 glamping tents spread out in their own private lot. When making your stop through Kanab, staying a night under the stars in one of the safari-style tents offered by BaseCamp37 is something every traveller should put on their list.




On the grounds, you will find that there are 5 tents that are available to sleep in. Each one has their own personality and style that was designed by Amy and Curt, the owners of the glamping grounds. Within the tent you can find a comfy king sized bed, with plenty of additional accents that make the room feel like you're at home. The distance between the tents range from 50 to 100 yards from the central house which is designated as the wash house and kitchen. Furthermore, there is a lounging area within the house, as well as the back yard, as it is outfitted with hammocks to hangout in during the day and a fire pit to lite up during the night. Make sure to talk to Amy as she is usually the one managing the site because she will show you where the free s'mores can be found!


Here is where BaseCamp37 is located in Kanab:



Tent Information and Options


The 5 glamping tents are oriented in an arc shape, allowing for plenty of privacy as well as providing each campsite with an unobstructed view of breathtaking surrounding landscape. The main house with two washrooms and a kitchen is walking distance from all tents. Each tent has two parking spots where you can park your car and easily take your belongings out. All tents are run on solar power so while you are isolated, there are lights and charger stations for you to plug in your electronics. To tie it all together, rabbits and other curious small brush animals will accompany you during the night while the cries of the coyote's echo in the distance. 


Here are the 5 different glamping tents available at BaseCamp37:



Disclaimer: I do not own the above photos, they are owned by BaseCamp37.


What To Pack When Staying


It is important to remember that while solar power is used to light your tent or charge your belongings, there isn't a heater or air conditioning available to regulate the temperature. We recommend to bring an additional layer or two of clothing as nights can get cold during the summer (and even more in the fall or winter) and wind gusts may pick up during the night. Closed toe shoes are recommend as well when navigating the grounds, as there are plenty of rocks, bushes, and other hazards you can stub your toe on. During the night, only a small pathway leading up to the main house is lit up so make sure to watch your step. The kitchen in the main house has a fridge for you to store your food in overnight, as well as plenty of cook-wear, plates, and utensils for you to use during your stay. 


TrekPrep's Advise


Spending a night at BaseCamp37 is something that we believe every traveler spending a night in Kanab should do. Not only are the amenities on the grounds in and around the main house more incredible, but the actual tents themselves are full of personality and really make for a home away from home feel. This is truly a unique experience for anyone that wants to switch it up from the norm of staying in a hotel or on the ground tent. We highly recommend booking a night at BaseCamp37 at any of the available tents, especially the Hayduke Tent. Make sure to book weeks ahead of time though as spots will fill up quickly!



Thank you for reading our short post and if you like what Kanab has to offer, check out our 9 day road trip itinerary through Utah and Arizona to see what other activities you can do in Kanab.





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