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Lower Antelope Canyon Tour - What You Need To Know

October 10, 2018

Your road trip through Utah and Arizona will take you through Page, Arizona which is home to one of the most famous slots out West: Antelope Canyon. Over the past several years both the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon have gained in popularity with the natural beauty of these slot formations popping up in pictures all over social media. What used to be the best kept secret is now a stop on everyone's list and here at TrekPrep, we will provide the information necessary for you to make the most of your experience. In this short article we will walk you through what you need to know before you go and how to make a reservation to hike this slot.



Quick Facts About Lower Antelope Canyon


Location: Page, Arizona


Difficulty: Easy to Moderate. Slight sand and rocky terrain with several ladder and stair sections. Some areas of the slot may be a tight squeeze but is manageable. 


Length of Time: Just over an hour.


Tour Type and Companies: Large group (15 people) and small group (6 people) guided tours by Ken's Tours while Dixie Tours offers a general tour or kayaking combo tour. These are the only 2 companies that run tours for Lower Antelope Canyon. Be mindful that due to the popularity and scheduling, if you select the large group tour you group tour will more than likely be larger than 15 people.


Are Photography Tour's Available: Unfortunately, photography guided tours are no longer available for Lower Antelope Canyon due to its popularity. 


Prices: Through Ken's Tours, general admission is $50 for adults (13+), $30 (ages 8-12), and free (ages 7 and younger). For their deluxe tour, it is $93 per person. Dixie Tours offers general admissions for adults at $38.10 and children (ages 8-12) for $19.05. This is as of October 2018.


Best Time of Day to Visit: 11am-1pm sine the sun is directly overhead and casts full shadows in the slots. If you cannot get a time slot then, going either earlier or later in the day is just as good.


Restrictions: Backpacks (other than Camelbaks) are not allowed on the trail. Tri-pod and monopod stands are not permitted, along with any sort of flash photography. Pets are not allowed. Stroller or any wheeled objects are not permitted due to ladder and stair obstacles. Smart phones and DSLR's are permitted for use without the flash (you wont need it regardless).


Do I Need a Reservation: Yes! Be sure to book your tour online at least 3-4 weeks ahead of time to assure a spot during the time of day you would like to hike. If you wait till the day of to book, more than likely you will not have a spot. Tours leave every 30 minutes from 8am (7:30am check-in) to 4:30pm (4pm check-in). 


What To Bring Before Touring: Make sure to bring an adequate water supply, closed toed shoes, and sunscreen. We suggest bringing a little cash to tip your tour guide, as they are very helpful in setting up your camera to get the best color for all of your shots and are very knowledgeable of the land since they are all locals.


Potential Hazards: Flash floods are always a possibility out West so just listen to your tour guide in regards to this. They will have the proper information necessary to make a decision as to whether or not it is safe to enter the canyon.


How To Book A Tour


If you would like to book a tour through either Ken's Tours or Dixie Tours, here is a walk through of how to book a reservation with Ken's Tours.


Ken's Tours Online Walk Through



TrekPrep's Advice


Either company that you choose is going to give you a great experience. We chose to walk through Ken's Tours since it is the company that we used and can give honest feedback advice on. Ken's guides are very knowledgable of the formation of the slots, will give background on how it has come to popularity, and how they aim to maintain the beauty of the natural formations. Furthermore, they will help assist in adjusting your camera before the hike to be able to capture unforgettable images of the canyon slots. Either way, Lower Antelope Canyon is a must if you are planning your road trip out to Utah and Arizona. If you liked this article and want an idea of an itinerary to follow for you own road trip out West, visit our 10 day road trip through Utah and Arizona found on our website!


Disclaimer: I do not own rights to the pictures from Ken's Tours Website and they are whole owned by Ken's Tours. Any use of the photos from the website are for general informational use and opinions are made based on experience of the use of the company.


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