9 Day Road Trip in Utah and Arizona
Welcome to TrekPrep's 9 day road trip travel itinerary through Utah and Arizona. Starting in Las Vegas you will spend the night and head out to Zion National Park, followed by Moab, then to Page, closing it out in Kanab, and then on the way back to Las Vegas. Click the link below to check out the itinerary!
2 Week Road Trip Through New Zealand
Welcome to TrekPrep’s road trip itinerary for traveling around the South Island of New Zealand for 2 weeks! Land in Christchurch and rent a car making a stop in Arthurs Pass, then hiking glaciers in Franz Joseph, down to Queenstown with a stop at the Milford Sound, back to Wanaka and Mt. Cook, going through Lake Tekapo and back to Christchurch!
2 Weeks in Thailand and Thai Islands
S̄wạs̄dī! Or Hello! and welcome to TrekPrep's 2 week travel itinerary through Thailand and the Thai Islands! After you land in Bangkok, you will travel north towards the mountain town of Chang Mai, then make your way down to the cozy but crazy fun islands of Koh Samui, Koh Tao, and Koh Phangan
PC: Kate Hastings
2 Weeks Hiking Through Patagonia
Itinerary Coming Soon
2 Weeks Traveling in Vietnam
Welcome to TrekPrep's 2 week travel itinerary through Vietnam! Our itinerary starts you in the hustle and bustle in Ho Chi Minh City and travel up the coast to Hoi An, motorbiking the Hai Van Pass, and finishing in Hanoi visiting Ha Long Bay or rice fields in Ninh Binh.
10 Days Traveling Through Japan
Welcome to TrekPrep's travel itinerary through Japan! Fly into Tokyo and experience the delicious food and crazy entertainment while making a day trip north to Nikko. Continue your adventure to Hakone to stay in a Ryokan and explore Mt. Fuji. Continue down to Kyoto to see the temples and a day trip to Hiroshima, then finishing off in Osaka.
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Preparing for the trip of a life time is nothing short of exciting. Planning the itinerary of where you want to go, packing your life into your bag, even receiving the confirmation of the plane ticket in your email makes the preparation of your trip one step closer to reality. 


Unfortunately, finding time to start planning for a vacation can be the hardest part between our work schedules and days spent researching potential destinations. With this in mind, we at TrekPrep make it our mission to provide useful travel itineraries to help give the everyday working person a place to start and shift the focus to what really matters to you: Having The Trip of a Life Time

The itinerary posts we created are designed so that once you pick a destination, you can get an idea of how to make the most of your experience when traveling there. Each route we have put together allows for plenty of flexibility along the way so that you can modify your trip how you decide. Given that most of us don't have the freedom to take months off at a time, the idea is that our itineraries are created for people who have limited vacation days and want to make the most of them.


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